About the collection

Azopan Photoarchive

Do you know the joke about the Calvinist pastor, the programmer and the economist?

Neither do we.

But, the Azopan Photoarchive is the result of such a joke, and whose founders are  Lóránd-Félix Furó, Lóránd Fülöp and Edgár Szőcs.

azopan.ro is a continuously growing online photo archive which aims to preserve and publish the analogue photographic heritage of Romania. The collection’s goal is to make the millions of analogue photographs hiding in drawers, shoeboxes, and warehouses, or those that only exist only as a negative available to the public.

We are busy every day to find and digitize new photographic pieces of our heritage. Thank you to the individuals, amateur and professional photographers who entrusted their photos to us and have allowed us to publish them.

The collection is based on the work of volunteer editors and is intended for everyone. Anyone can participate with their own old photos. Any picture that meets editorial requirements can be added to the collection.

Browse the pictures, share them, send them to friends, download them, write to us if you have additional information for any of the photos, or notice some error in the data.

Members of the press are welcome to make use of the collection to illustrate and contribute to their work.

Photos in the database are published under the Creative Commons 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license:

  • by law, you can copy and distribute the images with a mandatory source reference so that they can be clearly and easily be read: www.azopan.ro / donor

  • images cannot be modified

  • images may not be used for any commercial purpose